Major projects


Kaufman & Broad set up a Major Urban Projects department in 2015 with the aim of helping local authorities develop their eco-urban projects. This was part of a general “tailored” response to demand from local authorities to develop a new generation of sustainable neighborhoods.

Meeting the needs of local authorities

As a new growth driver for Kaufman & Broad, the Major Urban Projects department is introducing a new model for neighborhood projects that incorporates the neighborhood’s entire life cycle as of the design stage by establishing a collaborative relationship with the local authorities from the outset and for the long term.

The Major Urban Projects department takes a holistic approach to the city of the future and aspires to environmental excellence; it thus offers a comprehensive and concrete solution thanks to a structured approach to these issues.

In agreement with the local authorities, the group applies this virtuous and environmentally-friendly approach to set targets of excellence and measurement indicators for each project which it pledges to achieve for the long run.


The programs we develop can vary greatly in terms of size.

The Major Urban Projects department was created based on the firm belief that a sustainable neighborhood will only succeed if all the components within its ecosystem are coherent.

As part of this overall perspective, it seems essential to ensure that programs include a mix of housing, retail and services and that residents include a mix of different populations and generations if these neighborhoods are going to succeed, both in terms of energy optimization and in terms of local development and quality of life.

Lastly, to help these projects integrate within their urban environment, each program includes a component aimed at developing and supporting local initiatives led by residents. Kaufman & Broad thus joins forces with local authorities to encourage and support stakeholders involved in local development, such as local businesses, local associations, back-to-work initiatives and start-ups.