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KAUFMAN & BROAD’s Commercial Property teams design, develop and commission the construction of office buildings, retail complexes, hotels and logistics platforms.

New Offices

Kaufman & Broad considers each project unique!

Kaufman & Broad is there every step of the way to help you complete your tailor-made project.

A new office building is the culmination of a painstaking creative process, the combination of strict parameters and decisive choices made in close collaboration with our partners :

  • Choosing the best locations,
  • Providing solutions tailored to the needs of businesses,
  • Incorporating the requirements of the public authorities and investors,
  • Constructing the most healthy and comfortable, economic and virtuous, efficient and profitable buildings.

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Redeveloped Offices

Issues involved in redevelopment

For the purposes of building redevelopment, we have set up an exclusive and virtuous renovation program called Revivalis.

The philosophy underlying Kaufman & Broad’s Business Property department is to redevelop properties in depth so as to :

  • create Core assets by repositioning existing assets in the prime segment of their respective markets;
  • restore the functional and technical features of new buildings;
  • optimize surface areas and spaces;
  • enhance the charm and authenticity of the original architecture or offer to give the site new meaning.

With this in mind, Kaufman & Broad pays particularly close attention to :

  • planning ahead as regards the legal and regulatory framework;
  • reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of corporate occupants;
  • protecting the health of occupants.

The aim is to make the property attractive again so that a fresh cycle of long-term profitability and optimal liquidity can be generated for the real estate assets.

> Our achievements in the Redeveloped Offices segment

CONCERTO logistics platforms and business parks

Concerto, which was established in 1998, is a leading French logistics engineering company. A subsidiary of the Kaufman & Broad group since 2015, Concerto represents a strategic addition to the expertise and know-how of Kaufman & Broad’s Business Property department. It has demonstrated its ability to create value for its industrial and distribution clients by offering them bespoke solutions and projects that meet the new technical challenges currently facing logistics businesses.

Concerto offers these professionals a range of solutions for their real estate/logistics operations, enabling them to transform fixed costs into variable costs and focus more on their core business. Concerto capitalizes on its experience in logistics engineering to design turnkey projects tailored to the needs of its customers, thereby fostering long-term partnerships, and to redevelop/renovate sites located close to urban centers. Concerto is involved in high value-added logistics activities in all areas of industry and distribution, as well as in the development of business parks.

> Our achievements in Logistics segment (Concerto)


Kaufman & Broad’s Business Property teams offer their expertise in hotel project design to the biggest national and international hotel chains, helping you to develop new concepts and diversify your asset portfolio.

We offer to carry out projects that are tailored to your needs and enable you to :

  • reap the benefits of a growing and increasingly global tourism industry,
  • develop new hotel concepts that create more value and appeal more to your customers,
  • meet the challenges surrounding urbanism and establish a position in the heart of the city.

> Our achievements in the Hotels segment


We do not design any program without taking into consideration the residents, workers, neighborhoods and uses of each one.

We have developed our business property expertise in the interests of users and cities alike, and we use it to develop ground-floor retail premises in residential or managed accommodation buildings.

> Our achievements in the Retail segment

Major Urban Projects 

Meeting the needs of local authorities

As a new growth driver for Kaufman & Broad, the Major Urban Projects department is introducing a new model for neighborhood projects that incorporates the neighborhood’s entire life cycle as of the design stage by establishing a collaborative relationship with the local authorities from the outset and for the long term.

The Major Urban Projects department takes a holistic approach to the city of the future and aspires to environmental excellence; it thus offers a comprehensive and concrete solution thanks to a structured approach to these issues.

In agreement with the local authorities, the group applies this virtuous and environmentally-friendly approach to set targets of excellence and measurement indicators for each project which it pledges to achieve for the long run.


The programs we develop can vary greatly in terms of size.

The Major Urban Projects department was created based on the firm belief that a sustainable neighborhood will only succeed if all the components within its ecosystem are coherent.

As part of this overall perspective, it seems essential to ensure that programs include a mix of housing, retail and services and that residents include a mix of different populations and generations if these neighborhoods are going to succeed, both in terms of energy optimization and in terms of local development and quality of life.

Lastly, to help these projects integrate within their urban environment, each program includes a component aimed at developing and supporting local initiatives led by residents. Kaufman & Broad thus joins forces with local authorities to encourage and support stakeholders involved in local development, such as local businesses, local associations, back-to-work initiatives and start-ups.

> Our achievements in the Major Projects segment