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Polaris Nantes 01
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Kaufman & Broad - Polaris - Nantes
LAN/ Abinal & Ropars /Fernandez & Serres

A unique location facing the Loire River.

Iconic architecture for each building, with plenty of space allocated to outdoor areas.

Embedded in a complex urban system with housing, services, shops and a higher education establishment in an environment lying between a residential area on one side and an office district on the other.

Development of a mini-district that will combine youth, creativity, energy and a mix of populations.

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Thermal performance:
  • RT 2012
Key figures

Around 50,000 sq.m

  • 6,500 sq.m of office space
  • Over 250 housing units for purchase on the open market and social housing
  • 300 student accommodation units
  • 1 hotel management school (VATEL)
  • 1 restaurant, 1 brasserie and 1 café for practice / co-working
  • 3 ground-floor business premises

47.204167, -1.547222

Polaris Nantes
Île de Nantes
44200 NANTES