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Dominique COULON & associés / HHF / Tatiana BILBAO

The program is located by an arm of the Rhine River along the Vauban basin. It takes its name from the former coal pellet production plant, the famous Starlette factory. A remarkable opportunity to redevelop, restore and revitalize this harbor town. The redevelopment will create a new mixed neighborhood with a lively atmosphere 24/7, a place for people to live and work, a place they will visit and want to return to.


Community is the underlying foundation on which this program is built. It offers a variety of uses and high degree of modularity thanks to its flexibility and the option to easily switch office space into housing units or commercial premises and vice versa: this guarantees its adaptability and reflects its capacity to adjust to different uses and market forces.


The six buildings will form a “small riverside town” in its own right. The program is based on the principle of a river skyline with water as its backdrop. It will consist of four main separate building structures, simple and austere in shape and yet original and unusual. Its remarkable architecture will give all its users a view of the river and access to natural sunlight.


They will be able to make use of the public areas around the development and a shared garden area in its center.


The program also involves environmental solutions and high aspirations with its bioclimatic design, healthy and eco-responsible sustainable materials, and a series of systems to guarantee the overall environmental performance of the buildings.

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Joint developer



SPL Deux-Rives

Energy certifications
  • Housing: Effinergie + (RT2012 thermal performance - 20%) BEPAS (passive-energy building)
  • Offices: Effinergie + (RT2012 thermal performance - 40%)
Environmental regulations 2020
  • Housing: E+C - ENERGY2 CARBON2
  • Offices : E+C - ENERGY2 CARBON2
Environmental certifications
  • Housing: CERQUAL HQE (high environmental quality) 2016
  • Offices: CERTIVEA HQE (high environmental quality) 2016 Excellent + BREEAM Very good
Key figures

Commercial premises:

  • 20,000 sq.m of planned surface area
  • 1 vegetable garden 


  • 15,000 sq.m of planned surface area
  • 136 apartments for purchase
  • 68 social housing units
  • Home automation in all the apartments
  • 1 market gardening area

48.567168, 7.802005

Route du petit Rhin