Our commitments

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At Kaufman & Broad, Corporate Social Responsibility consists in behaving responsibly towards our clients and all our stakeholders on social, corporate and environmental matters.

We understand that the need to build up a bond of trust is among their top priorities in their relationship with our group and our brand:

  • vis-à-vis our clients, through the quality and durability of the property they are going to acquire from us by investing most of their savings.
  • vis-à-vis elected officials and representatives of local authorities, through our brand and the way it can be incorporated into their perception of their respective territories.
  • vis-à-vis our employees, through the career development prospects we are able to offer them.
  • vis-à-vis our subcontractors and suppliers, through the conditions in which we work together.
  • And, lastly, confidence in the way we operate or supervise their construction sites and in our commitment to limiting their impact.

We firmly believe that the best way to meet this fundamental requirement is to adopt an attitude and apply basic principles that must govern our actions continually: responsibility and transparency.

Our commitment to responsibility must be reflected in every facet of our business and at each stage of our processes. Transparency, both internal and external, is what enables us all to assess how genuine our commitments are and the progress we actually make.


We have established a program of CSR commitments with 3 main pillars, reflecting our perception of responsibility:

  • Promote access to housing for our clients and help them make their investments last through the quality of the design and the expertise we offer in our real estate programs.
  • Earn a reputation for being a responsible partner and point of contact for local officials and their administrations, for local residents living near our construction sites, and for our subcontractors.
  • Strive to offer our employees ambitious career prospects and join forces with them to build a robust corporate culture.

These are the first steps towards incorporating a forthright approach into our corporate venture, one that will secure a place for our group and our brand for many years to come.